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Halloween Roof Props? Any ideas welcomed!

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I have started to think that I can do more with my halloween setup. I think the roof could be used somehow (I am not sure how).

I started to think about using some sort of "zip" line between my trees. I am imagining a ghost floating back & forth, I am unsure how to do it.

I also am thinking of how I could do "something" on my roof.

Sorry about the winter photo of the front of my house - its the best I have at teh moment. I can take another photo if needed.

Here are my 2008 Halloween videos:

YouTube - Halloween 2008 Daytime Fog

YouTube - Halloween 2008 Night full

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I needed something too, so this year I'm using 3/4" pvc pipes laidd down in each gutter with t's about every 4 ft, then I'll have pvc candles, severed heads and pumpkins on spikes alternating, I have no pic's yet, will be working on them soon.
Thinking of making a weather-vane too.
I'm going with giant spiders on the roof! I made a 6' one with moveable legs this year. He'll be going on the roof right above the front door so the kids have to get nice and close to get their candy :)
I made a step by step last month that shouldn't be too hard to find
well with some key lighting spots up in the corner peaks of your house you could buy some skeletons or zombie bodies and place a medium size nail on the peak of your roof andthen have the bodies contrained tied up with some old rope at the wrists or chain but hte rope and or fake chain needs to be big enough to see from the ground and have they're legs flaired out in different positions and then attach the rope or chain to the nail and put two strobe lights in the corner peaks of you house lifted if you want its sounds complicated but it would add a nice effect

Look into an axworthy if you want a moving prop.
Thanks! I think I am going to try to go the Axworthy route!
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