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Maybe to avoid multiple threads on the merchandise watch and people either duplicating efforts or missing out on stuff, the webmaster can start a new thread at the beginning of each year and place it in the special grayed area at the top of the forum section--like I've seen done with TV shows coming up. That way it will be one of the first things you see and people will be more likely to posts under helping to consolidate the information. Maybe it can even be colored somehow to draw everyone's attention. I know this is a very popular type thread on this board as everyone wants to know about what's hit the shelves as soon it's out. Maybe something like this can still be done for this year...moving the First Halloween Sighting in Stores thread there now? Hey, webmaster...is this doable??? Personally I like the format of "Halloween Merchandise Watch 200..." because it gives the year and clearly indicates it's about merchandise you might want to look for and buy for your haunt. It also helps to avoid current postings of merchandise under previous years' threads which has happened this year.

Great idea Ghost. I'd also ask if it's possible to stop posts from being added to threads and refering them to the right thread. Keeping all the merch finds together would be agreat thing.
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