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Halloween PROJECTORS - Wholesale Prices

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Wholesale Prices on all of our Halloween Projectors. Setup in seconds. Project moving images across your whole house or full color halloween images on your garage door.
Check us out at Halloween Outdoor Projectors. Projectors as low as only $39 !!
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do you have a video of the laser light shows Halloween animation?
I can't seem to find any video of the Halloween part of the laser show. I know it's on there but I can only locate the christmas videos, but I will try to locate it
The prices look great but how does it work. Is there only one Halloween slide in each grouping. Also it only projects one slide at a time. If you want to change you have to manly go up to it and change it instead of remote.
Each projector has 2 slides at least that have halloween scenes. Just go to the product page for the images. Yes they have to be changed out manually. The 2 in 1 projector can display 5 different floating halloween images across you whole house and also display 3 full color halloween images.
Follow this link to the 2 in 1 projector:
2 in 1 Halloween Projector
I bought one of those last year..and it didnt work..i ended up taking it back and getting my money:(
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