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Halloween Pool Advice Needed

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For my party, I am Dying my pool Red. I would also like to add some "froth" to it. I read somewhere I could add Laundy Soap for bubbles, but my husband thinks this may interfere with my dye. Any knowledge of this out there?
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you can always try it to see what happens ... you don't have to go full scale, just a small amount in a bowl

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You do not plan to use the pool for a day or two afterwards you could always hit it with a massive dose of algaecide. This will cause the water to have a white froth on top. I did it by accident one time.
Well it's gonna take a descent amount of dye to make it noticeable. It may stain your pool walls. Keep that in mind. As for foaming action, to much soap or any kind of foaming medium and you risk you pump cavitating. Underwater red led lights may be a cleaner way to get the same effect.
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Will the Algaecide affect my Red dye you think?
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