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I love creating my Halloween haunt every year and I have to document my efforts. I have found some tips that have helped me, so I pass them on to you.

My pics were taken just before dark, dusk when there was still light. You can't tell in the pics because it comes out darker because I didn't use a flash.

You usually only have about a 30 minute time period to shoot, so have everything set up.

I take my pics the night before Halloween, so I am not pressured for time by early trick or treaters.

Absolutely use a tripod or something stable to sit the camera on, you don't want any movement at all when using the slower shudder speed-- otherwise the picture will not be sharp, but look blurry.

Turn off your flash, it kills the creepy mood completely. To slightly light something use a flash light and shine it indirectly to cast shadows, etc. And remember to get a little closer to whatever it is you are trying to capture.

Here are some links to some sites with alot of these tips and more....Happy Haunting!:)

Halloween Photography Tips

Learn How to Take Great Halloween Photos from FujiFilm
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