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This Spanish perfume maker sounds clueless about naming and marketing this particular product. First off, the name "Halloween" should be supported by the product itself and its marketing. No, it doesn't get by on your claim that it's a "love potion". All perfumes are love potions if you want to put it that way.

The second mistake was choosing a fruity-floral blend instead of a spice blend. Get a bottle of pumpkin pie spice and study its beautiful aroma blend. That's what reminds North Americans of Halloween. Not green bananas, magnolias, and sea of Alaska, whatever that is (codfish?)

The third mistake was to have nothing Halloween-like in the marketing. Put a stylized black cat on the bottle, a winking full moon, or an autumnal cornucopia. Not some pastel flowers.

J. del Pozo, you blew it. Start over from scratch. If you're going to market a perfume called Halloween to North Americans, ask them what the word conjures up for them.
I totally agree!
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