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halloween party invites

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How about some input for unusual party invites? I saw the finger ones at Michaels craft store but they r very expensive when u get into large numbers- we send out about 50-70 invites-
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well, it was actually really easy...my computer has Windows Movie Maker on it, so I just walked the neighborhood shooting some fences and doorways and such that looked kinda N'awlensish...then I added the clips to and titles and music in the program...it was really very easy...the whole thing took maybe 3 hours, once I got the way the program worked.

the song is "I've got a Spell on You" by Screaming Joe Hawkins....he is amazing!

thanks for the love!
I wondered if you'd used Windows Movie Maker -- I just discovered it and have been having so much fun making movies.

Screaming Joe Hawkins? I'm making a note of that. I have the Nina Simone version but I really liked his as well.
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