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Hello fellow Halloween lovers,

I always throw a Halloween Party that turns out a lot of fun for my family and friends. This year I want to make it my best one yet and progress in the years to come. I am seeking your help on how to throw an even more kick *** Halloween party. Below is a list of some things that I need your input on. I don’t plan on having an all-around theme but it’s not completely out of the books for me. Thanks!

• Food and beverage to serve the adult guests.
• Fun adult activities or games.
• Ways to scare the crap out of the guests.
• Clever decorating ideas/themes for each room.
• Anything else you got for me.

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Hi BF Mary, here are some things that I do for our parties. I do an overall theme and then each room represents something within that theme. This way I'm not trapped with one idea and the guests like the variety. I try to have something interactive in each room, whether that's some animated prop or engaging with a prop.

Halloween food and drinks - https://www.pinterest.com/zim2/halloween-food-and-drink/
If you can afford it, everyone loves a bartender. I come up with a fun drink list related to the party theme (no more than 5). Our guests look forward to this and want to try out each one.
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Here are all sorts of games you can do. https://www.pinterest.com/zim2/halloween-games/

Here's a link to all sorts of scares you can do. https://www.pinterest.com/zim2/halloween-garageyard-haunt/actor-gagsscares/

While you're there, if you click to my main board list, you'll find a ton of Halloween ideas including lighting, DIY, themes and decor

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I always go by a theme ... just easier for me to stay focused to gather and build stuff I need ... otherwise I would never get anything totally ready for the party ...lol ... I usually have themed food and drinks and there are always some type of games that suit the theme. I try to make some type of prize for the games which help get everyone involved. I am with Dawnski ... I search out Pinterest and find almost all I need for the party I am throwing ... there is such a great community here that there is always someone who has tried what ever you can imagine ... and are willing to share.

Pick a theme that you already have a lot of stuff you can use or something you would love to try ... pick food that is easy to eat and easy to prepare ... doesn't take a lot of dishes or cutlery ... that you don't have to work at too hard during the party ... and drinks ... pre make a couple of different drinks ... put them in jars or dispensers and let people help themselves. Signs and labels help to make sure they can find what they need or know what they are eating or drinking ... As for games ... the basic scavenger hunt can be changed to suit a theme ... winking murder game ... there are so many to choose from on Pinterest ... but I do suggest just going to Pinterest and searching and taking a look at some of the albums here on the forum for inspiration ... goodness knows ... my theme came out of the blue ... saw an invite I liked and bam ... there was my theme.

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The last few years we've added a couple of games to the party and people seem to love it. We plan an out door and an indoor game so which ever way the weather goes, we're prepared.

Out Doors is a scavenger hunt through the neighbor hood We have everyone draw a number from a hat and that is the team they're on.
In Doors we split everyone into small groups for pictionary. We do the teams like we do for the scavenger hunt.
We also have everyone bring a decorated Jack O Lantern and have a contest to see which is best.
Costume Contest as well.

I do try to do really nice prizes so then people tend to participate more.

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I haven't been able to have a Halloween party in a while, as it turned out less and less people came every year. There is a lot going on in New Orleans on Halloween night. Our neighbors have a party that is kid friendly and adult fun. They have bobbing for apples, a kid's movie on, and of course candy. They also do a Halloween themed sensory box stop with peeled grapes, spaghetti, etc. On the adult side, they have drinks, an 80s horror movie playing, music, and a costume contest. People were free to come and go, as our neighborhood has a lot of kiddos running around.

Here is a drink recipe I have made before. It really makes a gargantuan amount, but if you are having a lot of adults, you may not end up with too much left over.


1 Quart Clamato Juice

1 Quart Beefamato Juice

1 Quart V-8 Juice

1 Quart Tomato Juice

20-30 Jiggers Vodka

2 Jiggers Lime Juice

2 Jiggers Lemon Juice

2 Jiggers Hot Sauce

2 Stalks Celery chopped, or about 2-4 tbps Celery Powder

2 tbsps Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning, or whatever Creole Seasoning you can find

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix ingredients and sit to chill overnight. Serve with a celery stalk, lime, and ice.
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