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This year I planed a photo scavenger hunt.

Guests split into groups of 4 or 5 people.
Each group had a digital camera and a list of 10 clues (ie. the freaks come out at night, the love of a stranger).
Each photo had to include at least one team member & they could not use the same location, stranger or item in more than one picture.
I set boundrys (we live close to a good sized shopping area) and gave a 1 hour time limit, which was too long, I will shorten it to 30 min. next year.
It was $5 per person to play and the winning team split the pot. Depending on the number of guests the pot gets pretty large and works great to encourage participation.
The pictures were judged by few of the guests that chose not to participate.

The pictures were extreamly funny and because most people were in costume it added to the fun.

I had a few complainers at the begining but after everyone raved about it (even the guys).

There are a few pictuers in my albums
Umm I went to your profile page to see your albums but it says you aren't registered?
Would love to see the pics and hear more about the game.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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