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$35.99 USD plus shipping on The Game Crafter
FREE sample Print And Play game at Halloweeja.com

Ages 13 + Players: 4 - 10 Playtime: 1 - 1.5 hours

Talk to the living! Bring your party back from the dead!

What's your favorite scary movie? If you were invisible, who would you punch in the face? Turn a Tom Hanks movie into a horror film.

How would you answer these questions with 4 to 10 of your friends, or some friends and some people you just met, or at a Halloween party?

Ever want to act like a scarecrow in front of your opponents? Ever want to throw playing cards through the air and be rewarded for it? Ever want to punish someone for holding up your game night for going to the bathroom? Ever want to make everyone trade seats in the middle of a game? Ever want to stop a game from being over so you can win instead? Creature Cards let you in this game!

This is Halloweeja: the Halloween party, board game where you talk to the living, and bring your party back from the dead! Horror fans, haunters, and Halloween enthusiasts will enjoy Halloweeja year round, but anyone who observes All Hallows Eve will find this game frightfully delightful.

Take turns asking each other wacky, Halloween themed questions from the Book Of Hijinks. There are no right or wrong answers. Match players to their replies. Each YES lets you move that much closer to a letter you need. If the Halloweeja Board reveals your PASSWORD first you win.

But beware: Creature Cards can be either a trick or treat, and help or hinder anyone in the game. And that letter you revealed may be the exact thing someone else needs to win too.

The official Halloweeja video tutorial is viewable here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YvkIIPKk4V8?list=PLUGWHc6Wil0BqSrI0fHrGuOohftbjKpU x

Watch the entire playlist or pick and choose what you wish to know. Watching the entire playlist at least once is recommended by 8.6 out of 10 rotting corpses.

Not about to take advice from rotting corpses? Here are the video demonstrations on how to get going:

Answers to any situation you will encounter playing Halloweeja are in the official rules, available in print with every game, and as a free download on The Game Crafter.

For entertainment purposes only! Manufacturer, distributor, creator, and owner cannot be held responsible for the misuse, and nonuse of this product. Not a ‘spirit board.’ ‘witch board,’ ‘talking board,’ or other trademarked board that sounds like wedgie when mispronounced, and definitely not a surfboard. Do not use as a personal flotation device or you may die. This product was tested on animals (the cat enjoyed it.)



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