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Halloween party 2015 frights help

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With halloween party planning under way me and my friend want to add some... screams to the evening with some innocent pranks.

My friend and I are trying to come up with ways to scare our friends at the party to make it an interesting night however we can't come up with any decent ideas. Does anyone have any ideas that we could do on a budget?

The location is my house which consists of a darkened alleyway next to one of the rooms of the party. darkened under the stairs and a new found sealed up hole under the carpet of the living room.

Thank you for the help!
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At the very bottom of this page link is a picture of a room with dots someone made. A person was dressed in black and wearing dots so you couldn't see him until he moved. http://www.halloweenforum.com/party...ipes/115766-cirque-du-carnevil-2012-a-44.html
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I bought an arch (originally meant for like a wedding) really cheap at a craft store, painted it black and added cob webs and spiders to it. Then I added clear bracelet string purchased at a craft store and hung the string from the top of the arch. I placed the arch across our front walk way although any where that's dark would work and put a black light on it. The clear strings are virtually invisible but you feel like you are walking through webs when you walk through it. I put the spider webs on the arch in a way that I can take the arch apart into 4 pieces for storage. It has help up pretty well after 2 years of use, just a couple of spots I want to fix up for next year. The arch is a little unstable by itself so I do use string and tents stakes to help keep it from potentially blowing over in wind. The first picture is the arch when I purchased it (it didn't come with the flowers but did come with the lights that I will use for something else at some point). The second picture is my friends helping me with the clear strings and the last two pictures are the arch at night. Overall I spent around $30 and have used it 2 years and will use it again this year.


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Circus Doll, I unscrew the light bulb in the bathroom so the room would be dark. Then I set 5 led pillar candles around the room so the would have a dim light. I thumbtacked some fishing line to the celling and cut it so it was about shoulder length. People wouldn't see it in the dim room, and it would brush their neck or face and they would brush it away. If you fill the bathroom with cobwebs and spiders, it gives the feeling that spiders or the webs are brushing up against you.

Sorry nordon82, I don't know any party planers. A lot would depend where you live.
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