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Hi Everyone,

We are in the midst of planning out the props and effects for our 15th Annual Halloween Party. For the last 2 years, we had a haunted hotel themed party, with a "steam-punk" infusion for 2014. This year, we are changing it out for an "UnNatural History Museum" theme along the lines of the Ben Stiller films, combined with Raiders of the Lost Ark, the cable show Oddities, etc. One of my friends already has dibs on coming to the party as Teddy Roosevelt.

Looking for some ideas if you have 'em to share. Decor, Props, Gags, Games, Foods... We appreciate any and all suggestions and experiences that you may have!
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I forgot to post this photo of one of the best costumes from our Steampunk Themed Haunted Hotel party of 2014...
Dress Performance Formal wear Peach
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Do you have more pics of 2014??? We would love to see....
I will post the pix of 2014's party this weekend, I promise! Been a bit busy with family, work, music, life!
Thank you all, for the great ideas and suggestions so far!
Do you have more pics of 2014??? We would love to see....
Barry DeHachet & Myra Maynze, Management of the Fair~Lane Hotel (Scare~Lane)

Dog Canidae Botany Sporting Group Tree

Ima Gonagetchzu, Head of Security for the hotel

Costume Cosplay Leg Woman warrior Fan convention

The Dead Ringers, Hotel Entertainment

Musician Musical instrument Guitar Music String instrument

Time to Party!..at The Fair~Lane Hotel!

Clock Room Furniture Architecture Arch

Plenty of power at the hotel...

I really wish some of our guests would make an effort in the costume department!

Green Costume Fun Event Costume design

Making full use of the photo opp background

Event Performance Fictional character Costume

Head of Security dealing with an unruly guest!

Do you want more?...

The upstairs maid service is very spirited indeed

Window Room Glass Window film Interior design

Our photo pop backdrop...made from cardboard (free from Costco!) and cardboard egg cartons

Photography Style

Our front desk man...

Christmas Tradition Holiday ornament Costume Holiday

Some guests of ours "retire" early in the evening!

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Here's a few photos from last Saturday's party!

The family in front of the museum entry
Event Ceremony Costume Restaurant

Wider shot of the entry, the skull on the right that is attached to the giant bird of paradise illuminates as the guests arrive, due to a motion sensor.

The Grand Hall

Blue Purple Light Lighting Room

Lighting Technology Visual effect lighting Electronics Games

Egyptology Room, before the food and guests arrived
Room Lighting Light fixture Interior design Property

Botanical Garden Room, prior to guests arrival
Room Property Interior design Living room Building

Entomology Department (powder room)
Wall Art Visual arts Butterfly Room

Art gallery Exhibition Art exhibition Art Building

Oddities and Research Department
Pink Magenta Event Room Performance

Shelf Room Furniture Shelving Interior design

Some of the costumes...
Event Costume Tradition Party Buccaneer

Standing Fun Headgear Room Costume

Event Fun Costume Smile

Event Costume Facial hair Beard

Costume Animation Fictional character Games

Event Fashion Fun Costume Dance


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