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Greetings Haunters & Haunterettes,

Well now as the last totes & props are put away and we have another Halloween season under our belt its time to start thinking about next year! Even as we pull out all the Christmas boxes secretly wishing Halloween never had to get put away at least we have this wonderful place to come too that allows us to let our Halloween visions live on throughout the year. The Halloween Forum has given us a great haven where we can hang out and talk about our passion.

Coming here took my small humble display to new heights and still I need to get a lot done to be where I want to be. The wonderful people of this Forum have helped all of us become better Haunters. Every year we have tons of new ideas & projects that we can incorporate into our displays. Its great for us that are not talented with creating and its even more wonderful for those who are inspired and go on to create their own visions. Everyone is so helpful in what ever project you are tackling to help you through some of the tough questions......and so my friends I am back offering the services of the Halloween Online Building Group.

We have so many new members since the last time we did a class so in order for them to see what this is about I posted the old links where the information is stashed. If you go to the Tutorial section of the main board, open that page & on the very top of the page its says "Sub-Forums". Our group is listed right below "Request for New Projects". I went ahead & posted a thread in there that has a link available for you all to read about the start-up of the building group.

We are trying to get this group up & running again. We had some very nice project builds, also offered a project in 2012. So now we are gonna try & see if we can keep this thing going. I would like to state what the group is about.........this is an online program which offers classes taught by people within our Forum family. It was mainly established because I could not get my projects done. From posts on the board a lot of other people were having that problem too, & then its a month before Halloween & we simply run out of time to work on anything cause we're so busy getting stuff up. The group was also established for those of us that want to build things that we have absolutely no idea where to start, or working with tools we know nothing about.

The classes provide you that kind of help you need. You are given a list of materials 30 days prior to the project start-up date. It gives you time to space out buying what you need. You are told ahead of time about the tools you may be using. An instructor takes all of you through the class building the project, answering your individual questions, and we strive to keep you on track till completion. That's what it is about.......getting it done.

Since our attempts in 2008 & 2012, we were able to have a better idea of operating this thing cause we knew the guidelines we started with might change after experiencing how it went. So we are doing things a little differently this time.

This thread is simply being created to inquire if you folks are ready to give this thing a run again. I have 3 teachers lined up w/ various projects & as usual we will stick to running it in the time frame we did last time meaning that the material list will be posted in Jan. with the class starting Feb.. Project times will run as before........some projects were a month, we try to fit them into that amount of time & some classes like the mausoleum class & hearse class ran as long as 6 months.

We also have an offer right now to do what would be called a progressive class, in this class the teacher will build along with the students instead of the teacher having a project done that he is posting notes and teaching off of. This class will not have a time limit, it will run as long as needed to finish the project. Something different and we would see how it goes.

Lastly some of the problems we had on the last runs......would like to see more students per project to make it worth the instructors time and finding more teachers to help.

Okay!!! What say you & I'll answer any questions you have.

Momma Muffy
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