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I know there are plenty of horror movies on Netflix, but is there anything specific to Halloween? Specifically documentaries?

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I can't help you with Netflix but if you have Amazon Prime, check out their Prime Instant Video section. You can stream free videos through your computer or through your TV by downloading the Amazon Instant Video app on a smart TV, X Box 360, PS3, or PS4. Amazon Prime Instant Video offers the documentary "Every Other Day is Halloween", a documentary about television horror host Dick Dyszel. They also have a 50 minute show called "World's Greatest Festivals: The Ultimate Guide to New York City Halloween".

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Thanks! The festival doc sounds pretty cool. I did find that The American Scream is on Netflix, for anyone interested.

His name is Roger Clyne
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Amazon Prime Instant Video offers the documentary "Every Other Day is Halloween", a documentary about television horror host Dick Dyszel.
AKA, my favourite Horror Host, Count Gore De Vol!!

Even if you're not a local who remembers The Count from Creature Feature it's an interesting insight into the whole Horror Host phenomenon, just told through his eyes. He's a great guy that's still doing The Count.

I remember the first time I met The Count, it was at a con where Christopher Lee was speaking (many moons ago). I was almost more excited to meet him than to meet Christopher Lee. While I love Lee, The Count introduced me to him & all those other great monsters & movies.

Sorry, just get all fangirly & verklempt when it comes to The Count.

I was going to recommend American Scream but it's been done. While not exactly about Halloween, The Best Worst Movie is about Troll 2 & it's fandom.

There's a doc on the MOVIE Halloween, but I don't think there really are that many Halloween docs. American Scream is the best about home haunters like the people on this board.

There's a lot of shows from Discovery/TLC about the holiday, witches, vampires, history of Halloween & it's trappings, etc., but American Scream is the only one I can think of that's about "us."

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I think I can be of some help after reading this thread. I never get tired of posting my Halloween specials collection, especially if I can help by giving info on cool shows. ;) Some of these will never be released or seen on TV again, but maybe you can find a few on Youtube. Collected these first on VHS years ago, and upconverted and burned to DVD. Some of these are excellent, and never grow old, especially the series America Haunts and America's Scariest Halloween Attractions, the latter of which was still ongoing last fall.

1. Halloween Madness
2. Emeril’s Haunted Holiday
3. Emeril Kicks Up Halloween
4. Halloween Treats Top 5
5. Halloween Town
6. Halloween Town #2: Kalabar’s Revenge
7. Halloween Town High
8. Return to Halloween Town High
9. Disney’s Halloween Treat
10. HGTV Halloween Block Party
11. HGTV Halloween Block Party 2010
12. HGTV Halloween Block Party 2011
13. Halloween Unmasked
14. Halloween Crazy
15. Halloween Crazier
16. Halloween Most Extreme
17. Top Halloween Screams – Travel Channel
18. Kid in a Candy Store – Tricked Out Treats
19. Martha Stewart -- Tricking and Treating
20. Martha Stewart Haunted House
21. What’s With That Really Haunted Halloween House?
22. Halloween Fright House Secrets Revealed
23. The Real Story of Halloween
24. The Haunted History of Halloween
25. America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions #1, #2, #3, #4
26. That’s Clever Halloween
27. America Haunts -- #1, #2, #3, #4
28. Halloween Technology – Modern Marvels
29. Andrew Zimmern Halloween Party
30. Sandra’s Halloween Wonderland
31. Halloween Tricked Out
32. Unwrapped: Halloween Sweets
33. Giada – Haunted House
34. Giada – Sweets and Treats
35. Halloween Night Frights
36. Four Houses Trick or Treat
37. The Happy Haunting of America
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