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Halloween on Memorial Day

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So on October 14th last year, my and my friend went to Lancaster PA. We bought a very nice pumpkin from some Amish guy, and Brought it back home to NY with us.

Well fast forward to Memorial Day this year, and WE CARVED IT

thats right, the pumpkin stayed rot free all these months on my friends Fireplace hearth. Just 3 days ago, we noticed a spot on the back of it, which was brown and getting soft, so instead of throwing it in the backyard, we gave it a happy face.

A lot of the seeds inside were already sprouting, which i have never seen before.

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Strange coincidence, just today I threw away our last pumpkin remaining from last year. I picked it up to admire it and noticed a rather large dark gray soft spot. As it was starting to ooze, I chucked it into the garbage. Glad you were able to give yours the destiny it deserved.

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Now that is a story that truly warms the heart. It is amazing that the pumpkin lasted this long i would have never thought that would be possible. I too have run into small pumpkin sprouts actually growing inside a pumpkin. I have only seen it ever one time and it took me by surprise. Glad to see you carved up the happy little gourd and i give him and you a halloween salute.
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