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Wahoo! I am so excited about this site. I hadn't even started thinking about this year's halloween party until my bf told me yesterday he knew what he wants to be for halloween this year. Then i caught the bug...and haven't stopped looking at ideas since.

I'm 23 and live in Palm Bay, FL (near the space center). We had our first halloween party last year and I can't wait to get new ideas and share one's i used last year. We are moving to a new house this month so now i will have to figure out a completely new setup :)

That means new/more decorations...:) and more props :) and costumes :) and food...and lighting...and...and...yay i'm so excited i'm not sure i can wait three months for our 2nd annual Spooktacular!
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Do you play the violin?
I love sombre, mournful violin music.
Mrs Miggins, who plays Violin at our chamber music recitals is getting rather old now, and has somewhat outlived her usefulness...so if things don't work out at your new house, and you don't mind moving to England, There could be a place for you here at Samedi Manor.

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Thanks everyone! I had a breakthrough this weekend, I determined my costume choice this year, got a pattern to sew part of it and found a very interesting way to make the rest:

Anyone interested in a cheap way to make new props should check out PaperCraft Museum or Pepakura Designer. You can turn any 3d model into a printable flat pattern then just print and glue it all together...voila. they are sturdy if made from cardstock and you could easily cover them in a cheap resin to make them more sturdy and water resistant.

PS. I'm going to be Maleficent for halloween this year
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