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Halloween Neighborhoods?

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Does anyone know of any streets in their towns that do Halloween in a big way? Here in Albuquerque we have a street called Forrester that the fire department blocks off to traffic from one end to the other to provide a safe place or TOTs and the majority of the houses decorate and participate in the madness. Some years they get upwards of 1000 kids.
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I honestly want to do something like that in my neighborhood. I live in an isolated part of town (okay, it's not that isolated), and we have a few houses that always do Halloween in a big way. We don't have any actual haunted houses you can go through or anything, but we decorate more than the average person. I wanted to start "The Little Weston Haunt Tour" with a map of our section of town and list of houses that are participating...
I was hoping when I moved in a few years ago that my neighbors around me would decorate more (as seems to be the case most of the time). However, it seems like there are even less houses decorating now than when I moved in. I just walked over to a house two blocks away that always decorates to the extreme and they have almost nothing out this year. I was hoping to see some of my favorites, but less than half of the usual places have any sort of decorations...
The ToT numbers have been climbing each year in our area, so it's not for lack of traffic... I did finally just start today myself as I always have to wait until the landlord does his final pre-Halloween lawn mowing before getting started. Hopefully it will inspire others to decorate too...
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