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I am probably in the super-minority here because while I *love* Halloween, I'm a big chicken! LOL!

I practically sat in my sister's lap during The Blair Witch Project, I can't bring myself to go with DH to haunted hayrides or other creepy walkthrough things, and I just can't really watch scary movies without being somewhat traumatized for a while. I foolishly went with a group of friends, years ago, to see The Devil's Rejects and I *still* wish I never had some of those images in my head! Ugh...

Anyway, because of that, my movie list is probably much tamer than most, although I can watch a little bit of the old-school horror movies that don't have lots of torture scenes or really gory stuff. I have seen Halloween & Nightmare on Elm Street, for example.

Here's what I like to watch prior to & during Halloween ~

The documentary "The American Scream",
the most awesome Halloween movie "The Worst Witch" with Tim Curry as this unbelievable wizard,
Halloween episodes of the tv show "Roseanne",
the movie "Summer School" because two guys are obsessed with horror movies and try to make one (so funny!),
Halloween episodes of the tv show "Modern Family",
episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer like "Hush" (oh those creepy Gentlemen!) or "Halloween" when they turn into their costumes,
the movie "13 Ghosts" because even though it IS scary (IMHO) it's also really creative & imaginative and breaks out of the "one bad guy coming to kill everyone" routine,
the movie "The Frightener's" with Micheal J. Fox,
the movie "The Witches" with Angelica Houston,
all of the Addams Family movies (Gomez! Morticia! Wednesday! Pugsley! Cousin It! Pubert! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!),
"The Witches of Eastwick"
episodes of "The Walking Dead" even though I'm a season behind everyone else,
I *love* "Something Wicked This Way Comes" - so, so, so awesome & creepy!
"Beetlejuice" - well, duh!
Harry Potter movies can't help but inspire!
"Practical Magic"
Also "Never-Ending Story" & "Labyrinth" & "Legend" really put me into a creative & Halloween-inspired mindset! (man, that Darkness! Yikes! One day I want a Halloween prop of him!!!)
tv series "The Witches of Eastend" on Netflix
"Ghostbusters" - another "well, duh!"
"The Craft" movie
"Teen Witch" movie - LOL!

Man, I better get started now if I'm gonna fit all this stuff in! Ha ha! Seriously, DH and I will try to watch stuff together and stuff on our own, when we can fit it in, but I would say these are some go-to options for me. :cool:

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Hi, BookBabe, and welcome! I enjoyed your list - can't believe I forgot The Lost Boys, Shaun of the Dead & Rocky Horror!

If you like Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead, check out his movie Hot Fuzz - it's a comedic kind of zombie movie!
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