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I found this old, rather dismal attempt of a "Pin Head" mask this weekend at a jumble sale. Only paid £4.00 for it.
So, i've NEVER tried anything like this, i thought i'd try to improve it a little. (Appologies for poor images, my phone camera is playing up a little! )
First off, The whole thing was primered with light acrylic grey, then red lines were applied using a brush and some red acrylic paint (i inflated a balloon inside to make things easier, so that accounts for the "bloated" look)
Next, a light dusting of blue was blown around the eyes, and above the ears, as per images from the film.
I wasn't happy with the grey, so i dusted some "Wet Concrete", from the Vallejo paint range, all over the mask.
I think it looks a little better so far, but i will do some more tomorrow, but for £4.00, does it really matter if it ends up in the trash?
Thoughts/ ideas welcome
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