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halloween lightshow

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Here is a video of my outdoor halloween lightshow any opions are much appreciated.
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Oh wow!!! This is killer!!! Great job!
Was there any sound,if so I could not hear it. Seems like a nice light show. My only critisism is that I would have gone with some different colored lights. Mix it up ,some purples or greens would have been nice. I going by some really nice Xmas light shows I've seen. Keep up the good work!!!
its not finished yet im going to put some different colored lights.Yes there is music, i just have the little speaker hooked up for now, on the big night ill pull out the stereo
Thats impressive. Post some pictures of the new and improved.
What type of system are you using? Did you program each on/off for each channel?
its not finished yet im going to put some different colored lights.Yes there is music, i just have the little speaker hooked up for now, on the big night ill pull out the stereo
Why didn't you say so , keep up the good work!!
looks good, do you have any daytime pic's, hard to see what it all is.
Is this from last year or are you already setup?
This is the setup for this year. Im getting a head start.The one I'm using is a Mr Christmas lightshow that has an additional 4 halloween songs. Im going to switch it out and use my gemmy light show that I can hook an mp3 player up too.
Nicely done.

I used Gemmy's LightShow Box with the MP3 connection and the speaker output hooked into a stereo. I wish the videos were better. you can't tell from the videos - I strung lights in some trees that I had gotten from a friend who had gotten them from a local halloween shop after the season, the ground lights are hollow plastic skulls with Christmas bulbs inside.

This year I am thinking of taking all the skulls and putting them all together on some type of shelving or something and having them "sing" to different songs.
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Your videos look and sound great! I've got one of the Gemmy Light Show boxes and I'm trying to figure out if I want to use it for Halloween or not. I probably will if I have the time to get it all set up..
I SOOOooo wish I had the talent to do this!!
For those using the Gemmy Halloween Light Show with the MP3 hook up, did you all have any problems with songs from the MP3 player skipping? Mine is skipping like a CD would, it is weird. I am thinking maybe I need a more expensive MP3 player, I do not have a Ipod, mine is an off brand. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I might be hooking something up wrong. I love what the light show does but if I can't use my own songs I may need to return it :(
Sounds like it's the mp3 player to me. I dont see how the light show would make your songs skip.
Magic8697, lookin good. I would love to see video of the final version. I'm sure the kids will love it.

Litenin: Where did you get that music? That is a great updated version of Tubular Bells from the exorcist.
If you have Audacity, you might try converting the songs from stereo to MONO.
That might help stop the skipping problem.
My husband just bought me one of these Gemmy lightshow sets.....and I'm confused!

Can you hook this up with say 6 light up jack o lanterns and have it sync to This Is Halloween or something similar? How does it know how to sync it? I'm sorry to sound so braindead!!
OK - Just hooked it up with my ipod to This is Halloween. It kind of syncs itself. It's nowhere near as good as the Lightorama deal, but then again, the price is a tiny fraction. I hooked it up with some candelabra lamps, so I'd like to take a better look at it with pumpkins instead. Let me know if anyone else has a better way of doing this.....I'm interested to hear your opinions.
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