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Halloween lights: need a little help. :)

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I have lots of lights to use on halloween. I'm not sure which ones to use or what would be good for the lightning on the decorations. So far I have purple lights, orange lights, strobe light, 2 black lights and a fog machine.

I'm trying to think of where to put them. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I'll make it look lovely towards the end but I've only decorated my house twice since I moved out of my parents house and this year I want to do it right. If you have any ideas on how to set it up perfectly, reply to this post. :)
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Are you wanting to use the lights as mainly atmosphere, or accents? I guess a lot depends on where your decorations & props go, both interior & exterior. Just as one example, I like to twist one string each of purple and orange together and hang them from archways or in the window; it gives a nice glow when hung behind black cloth. Would love to here your decor ideas/themes.

Hope it helps - good luck!
I have several ideas, but not sure where to start. I've come up with some many themes and ideas but I have no clue where the best place to buy the props at.

First theme is as always a creepy haunted house. I've always loved this one cause it's the props I use every year and it's simple but this year I bought a lot more equipment to make it really creepy. If I do plan on making this theme I plan on mixing the horror theme in it as well. :)
Second theme however is a horror movie theme.
Third is a alice in wonderland theme. This is probably the hardest one to do and I don't know where to start at, haha.
As far as props that also depends a bit as far as budget and if you like to make your own. There are tons of online places to buy props though some are expensive. For easy yard haunt stuff i use to buy alot form halloween usa and spirits, as well as k-mart or even target. Of course this route you wont get real complex high end props but you can get a quick decent set up to build on later.I personally would rather build my own props now. The wonderful thing about halloween is it can be great if its simple or complex.
I agree. :) I'll try to make my own props but I'm very bad when it comes to making things, haha. I'm making my own graveyard though, I kept it since 2007.
I bought a bunch of green lights for my xmas display last year and am going to use them as well as the purple and orange lights, In fact I'm going to tie xmas and halloween lights all together that will be strung on the house, that way I only have to put em up and down once, just unlpug the purples and oranges and plug in the white and red lights for xmas.
Guess I went of track, it's hard to say where to put lights without a picture of your house, and my idea of perfect may be all wrong in your eyes, I'd say go with you gut and do as you like, who's to say it's not perfect!
This is a good place to get ideas:

-Skull And Bone-

I've used their techniques for the past couple of years - made an enormous difference.
Thank you Otaku for that post. That is nice helpful information there.
Otaku's right..Skull and Bone is probably the best resource for Halloween lighting advice on the web.

If you're looking for some ideas for an "Alice in wonderland" theme...One of our new members,
Mandathewitch, has a link to some pics in her introduction post in the new members thread.
They may give you some ideas and inspiration, if you decide to go this route.
I would suggest the fog machine in the graveyard, for sure. Also, I have always liked the outdoor ground-up effect that illuminates the side of the house, and providing it's behind your graveyard, I think the fog in the graveyard and the lighting from bottom up on the house would be killer.
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