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Halloween light show

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This guy has the Halloween spirit!
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How long does it take to program a song, great job !
How long does it take to program a song, great job !
Depends how anal/OCD you are and how many channels you have and the song itself.. Are you looking to just light something up on a beat, or are you trying to light up a specific prop each time for a certain beat. The singing faces are actually the easiest part. For me...if I can stay focused (not a chance), at least 20 hours per song. One of the issues I have is that I program it in small pieces, then when I run the whole thing, the timing has drifted. it might only be 1 or 2 tenths of a second, but it's noticeable and you have to run the whole sequence over and over again to verify you got it right....that adds up. I did three and a half songs the first year I had my lightorama and am hoping to finish the 1/2 one and add two more this year. It's something one should do on those cold nights in January and February,but I held out until the end of September.....ugh....
I couldn't keep my butt in the chair 20 seconds. Great job I love watching shows like this it is just amazing.
Wow! That displayed must have taken a super long time to put up!
I tried watching the video but for some reason wouldn't play on my phone. I'm doing a LOR halloween show this year for the first time. I have ran a christmas one for the last 4 years. The sequencing does take a very long time, but some places do actually sell the singing face programs for a couple dollars already done for those that don't have the patience. My halloween show is 5 controllers, a few less then 80 channels used and you'd be surprised how quickly it can go up. Generally programming is the most time consuming part, and usually your props are prebuilt so it's just a matter of putting them up and plugging them in.
My first show goes live this Saturday night, have had neighbors waiting outside the house a couple nights this week lol
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