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Halloween killer clown Trend or not in 2018 c:

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Hey guys :D

My Name is Linueax im from Germany and i want to know is there still a trend in the USA ?
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Scary clowns will always have some popularity for Halloween, but it's not like it was when the updated movie version of "It" came out. There's very few (if any at all) people just showing up on street corners dressed up like a clown.

But there's still time for that to happen. But for the most part the whole "clown hysteria" of that year has passed.
Up until around 7 or so kids can't really tell the difference between real & make believe so even if you give them candy they may still not understand that the "scare" isn't real.

I forgot to say WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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