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Halloween killer clown Trend or not in 2018 c:

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Hey guys :D

My Name is Linueax im from Germany and i want to know is there still a trend in the USA ?
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is it a good idea to scar Kids at Halloween ? c:
2-5 years is a bit to Young :D because im not the oldest one too 1****6 :D i never saw a Clown last year ;( what custome i Need c: Myers ? or better Killer Clown :D ? but what you thinking about that Idee scar Kids and thenn give him some candy ?
Up until around 7 or so kids can't really tell the difference between real & make believe so even if you give them candy they may still not understand that the "scare" isn't real.

I forgot to say WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!
Ouh 9-12 `? c: what costume is more scary Michael Myers or Killer Clown ? c: i mean i want go outside to 3:00 at night there will not Kids at 12 years ;(
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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