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I love Halloween jewelry and every friend and family members knows I love Halloween jewelry. Needless to say I have piles of it. With so many awesome pieces it’s hard to wear all of them. So I decided to use part of my collection as decorations that are safely behind glass and for all to see. This is a really fast and easy craft that works two fold—spiffy wall decorations and a drawer cleaner! Lol. Enjoy making this inexpensive one of a kind decorative displays and let the world see your family jewels.
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List of Supplies:
Paint brushes (several sizes)
Acrylic paints in Halloween colors
Sandpaper (100 grit)
Pencil to mark out your design
Paper, paint, vintage postcards, artwork, pictures or felt for inside backing
Small hangers for the back of the shadowbox
Masking tape

You will need a padded back for the box without slots if you plan on displaying jewelry--you’ll need the following:
Double-sided tape
Wood glue
Cotton batting (thin layer)
Thin but sturdy cardboard
Objects to be displayed

Getting Started
This project is so easy and can be completed in one or two afternoons depending on how elaborate you decide to paint your shadowbox and what kind of paint you use. Your choice of colors and amount of details are up to you and is only limited by you.

1. Sand with fine sandpaper (100 grit) and wipe off all dust from the wood with a dry cloth so your paint will have a good place to stick to.

2. Select acrylic paint colors of your choice, and you may need several different sizes of paint brushes depending on the design you choose. (see examples on my boxes)

3. Let each session dry until you’re done with the painting. ***A note of caution*** Do Not paint the tracks where the glass slides in or in the narrow strip of wood that locks the glass in place. The paint will stick, or you might not be able to close it or open it after the paint dries the next time you want to change the display. If you do find some paint has gotten in the track, take a graphite pencil and rub it gently on the sides of the glass panel and into the channel to aid in sliding over the tacky paint. It’s better to not get paint in there at all!

4. If you want to display jewelry in the shadowbox, you’ll have to make a multi layer padded background so you can attach the jewelry to it before you glue the last layer of fabric in place. Get your material, cotton batting, cardboard or fabric if you're gluing it permanently to the back of the box. If you would like to change out the background you can use tacks, double stick tape or glue.

5. Lay the back of the shadowbox on the wrong side of your fabric and carefully trace a light line onto the back of the material and then the cardboard. Cut on the line on the cardboard and around the cardboard on the cotton batting so that they are the same. This will allow room for the thickness of your material for your next step.

6. Carefully cut the material with about a fourth of an inch outside the line you traced by laying the batting and cardboard on top. Snip the corners like in the example so you can make a good square corner as you fold and attach the material. This will allow room for the material to cover the batting and leave material to tuck behind the cardboard when you’re ready to attach all three together. Then you’re ready to install it in the shadowbox once you‘ve decided if you want to make it permanent or temporary.

7. Either install the newly padded back of your shadowbox with permanent glue or, if your display objects are light enough, use double-stick tape or tacks if you need the extra hold if the backing is temporary. This will allow you to change the back easily at a later date.

I hope you’ve gotten inspired to make a new display for your jewelry or other treasures this year. A tight budget never gets in the way of good Halloweeners endeavors to make fantastic decorations!

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Absolutely beautiful!...I especially love the spider framed
Thanks! I found that pin on a trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina in the middle of summer. Hubs was shocked that even at a seaside resort I could find a piece of Halloween jewelry!!! :D

GiggleingGhost . . . aka . . . GG
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