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I went through all my jewelry last nite, put away the holiday stuff & PURGED!! So there's some Halloween jewelry that needs to go, along with some other Christmas & non-holiday jewelry I could post if anyone is interested.

They'd all be great in some mixed media project, as gifts or re-purposed in some fashion. I'm just running out of room, I don't love these things any more & haven't worn many of them in many years so I thought I'd offer it all to the folks here first before I donated them. Yes I could re-purpose it all myself but I know that ain't happenin' any time soon & I'd rather someone get this stuff that would actually use it or wear it.

I'll post amounts on each pic but PM me about any of it & we can discuss pricing.

I'm thinking.....$40 (plus shipping) for ALL OF IT, but like I said we can discuss it.

· His name is Roger Clyne
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OK here are the pics & more info (not including shipping, I'm in MD on the East Coast so remember that for the shipping costs):

The bats are sterling but not cleaned up. I will do that before they're sold or sent. $10 for the sterling bats, $1 for the Drac pin.
Batman Fictional character Wing Illustration Fiction

The 3 pins on the top right right are homemade from some kit I got somewhere, & sadly, the kitty is missing a googly eye. I don't know if I have any to replace it but it could easily be replaced. I will check my stuff to see if I have ones that small.$1 each or $2 for all of them.

The glittered spider is a pin & homemade too though not by me, $1. I'm not parting with the tiny Drac head, he fell off something else so he's not for sale. The Drac pin on the far right $3.
Action figure Toy Figurine Fictional character Animation

The "Happy Haunting" pin doesn't have a maker on the back, just the usual "Made in China". I'm not positive since it's so old but my guess is it's from Hallmark or some other gift store. It's 80s/90s vintage too., $3.
Animation Toy Action figure Fictional character Figurine

Both sets of the JOL earrings on the bottom used to light up but are now dark. I'm not sure if the batteries could be replaced or not., $1 for each set.
Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Orange Calabaza Fruit

The catch on the pin back on the shiny JOL is broken. $1 for the reflector pin, $3 for the scarecrow JOL, $1 for the broken one.
Calabaza Pumpkin Jack-o'-lantern Carving Winter squash

I think these were originally ornaments of some sort that I got waaaay back in the day (80s) at MJ Designs (the Michael's pre-cursor). They once had matches but now I have one of each so there's still a pair. $1 for the set.
Fashion accessory Jewellery Miniature

The larger earrings at the top are Walmart from the last couple of years & one is currently missing a wire but I will replace that before it goes. The rest are also vintage 80s/90s, $2 each set, $8 for all.
Games Art

Illustration Fictional character Art Animation Fashion accessory

This little guy is Fun World & I've added a pic of his back too for confirmation. He's also 80s era I believe. $5 for him.
Figurine Toy Primate Common chimpanzee


The wire spider web earrings on the white paper are sterling & I'll clean them all up before sending, $10 for them. The green spider webs, $3, the other 2 sets of spider earrings, $2 each, the spider pin on the right $3, the spider pin on the left (it's a clutchback pin), $2.
Spider web Plant Glass

The vampire heads used to light up but like the others, they're now dark, $1 for the spider pin, $1 for the red vampire earrings.
Fictional character Fashion accessory

· His name is Roger Clyne
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OK time is running out kids!

We are purging other stuff in general so we will be hitting Goodwill/Salvation Army this week. If no takers by tomorrow, Monday at the latest, it will be put into the bags/boxes for donation. I may keep a few pieces for Reaper gifts, but the majority will be donated if there's no takers.
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