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Halloween is my favorite holiday!!

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Hey everyone!

Like the title says...I'm a Halloween fanatic(and October baby). I've been dreaming of this years costume idea(s) since last year and can't wait to wow everyone.

However, the reason I joined this site is for inspiration and ideas from other Halloween lovers. Every year, the organization that i work for puts on a Haunted hayride & haunted house. This year I've been given the task to come up with ideas for the rooms inside the haunted house.
There are 9 12x12 rooms (this is outdoors, under a tent). I definitely want to do creepy, scary themes that people won't expect. I would love to do some interactive things(make rooms smell, have them feel nasty things, fog, lights, etc).

I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan, so I definitely want to do a Walker/Zombie room.....and after watching Fear TWD, an idea popped into my head to do a 'birthday party gone bad'. Not quite sure how to go about that yet, but I have a feeling it would be soo creepy!

Anyhow....I'm starting to ramble. I'm just super excited :)

Thanks for reading!
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Hi there!

Sounds like you have some really cool ideas there, birthday gone wrong sounds awesome! What is your costume idea? Or is it a secret......haha :eek:
Thank you! I'm not sure yet, I'm leaning toward glam and gore. I'm thinking a mermaid....but with gore & blood :) I may do more than one look though, because our event is a 2 night thing & it's a week before Halloween.

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Welcome to the forum ellebrell , from across the water in England in the U.K. we are super excited to have you , your photos from last year are excellent and show how really imaginative your costume idea was i really look forward to chatting with you in the forum .
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