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Halloween is coming soon!!!

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Hey there, im new to the forum and i just wanted to say hi. I have joined up with a few friends to have a huge halloween party. Im incharge of alot of decorations. I am working on a 5' 2" skull with red blinking eyes. It's very challenging but it will be worth it in the end. I am also building Wolverine Claws which you can find on ebay to get money for my Halloween costume. I will post some skull photos soon.
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What are you making your skull out of? We'd love to see the pics and possibly a how-to.

Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the forum DXVX!
Heres some photos of the skull im working on its mostly papermache over carboard and chicken, foam, and drywall compound clay... so its heavy... im not sure how to paint it now though
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
The skull is looking great there.
If you have a compressor, or a friend with one, I would suggest painting the skull with a latex sprayer. I have one and have found it to be extremely useful when painting larger pieces. It's like a big airbrush. The one I have is very adjustable, so you can go from a soft, fine mist up to a full-open, heavy spray.

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