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Hi Everyone!

Does anybody know of something fun and different happening in Wisconsin for Halloween this year? So far all I have run across are parties in bars and haunted houses. Any suggestions would be great!

I've been meaning to write a follow-up to the haunts Andy, Dan and I have traveled to so far this season and will do my best now.

The first stop was the Wisconsin Feargrounds. This haunt grew again
this year and now consists of three haunts; Morgan Manor, Morgana’s
Torment and Freaky’s Funhouse. We were one of the first groups to go
through on opening night.While in line a ‘lovely’ woman with an English accent hung around our group and seemed to take a liking to Johnny. What a lucky guy! This year Morgan Manor really stands out and has a great looking facade which gives it a nice creepy feeling. This haunt is always well done and this year is no exception. After exiting Morgan Manor we walked through a small trail past a creepy old Victorian type hearse.
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