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Halloween in Summer Festival

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Halloween street festival today, about an hour's drive south of us, so we just had to go.

The kids' costumes, a range of needs.

Kyle needed a costume, but look good for his date. Alec wanted a zombie, but I was out of most my makeup supplies. Talia's was my first time trying to do beauty. The boss usually handles the beauty makeups.

Talia is working on her "creepy face" stare.


Kyle's date.

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Window shopping at the booths, and meeting costumed fun on the street.

Killer hearse.

(note the smile broke through the creepy face)

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Cool event, I am sure. It appears that everyone certainly enjoyed themselves. I find it funniest that your daughter looks fine standing by the monsters, but seems near tears in the Boba Fett pic ("That is not what he looked like...):D
So neat to be able to do something like this in the summertime!
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