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Halloween in Germany

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My son and I are american and my husband is german, we live in southern Germany and Halloween is just now becoming popular. We have to make or import (very expensive and not practical) all our decorations. Last year my son was in tears about Halloween and I was pretty close myself. Thank goodness we have fasching, that's as close as we get here. Although I deal with bats, blood and pus, and skulls on a daily basis we still really miss Halloween. We are really enjoying the pictures and recipes. This site makes our Halloween much more bearable.
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Lord of the Cemetery
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We do have one or two German members here on the forum..It's nice to hear that it is increasing in popularity over there.

You will find many ideas and tutorials here on the forum that will help you to make some great props of your own for a fraction of the cost of importing them.

Welcome to the forum.

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