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Halloween in France. Problem w/ a CVS 5'5" inflatable Grim Reaper by Spooky Village

Its true. In '99 all the stores were full of Halloween goods, the kids were encouraged to try trick or treating, the village of Paris heaped an astounding pile of pumpkins in a public square for an advertisement. Farmers got seriously into the idea of selling pumpkins in what is usually a slow time. Except for the devout Catholics, everybody got into it in 1999.

Ever since, the stores have stopped stocking Halloween items one by one. This year I found stuff in three different stores, but nowhere near the vastness of the selection (furnished by our friends in China) offered in every single retail store in the states.

Last year I was lucky enough to come back to the East Coast in October and I stocked up on a few decorations at CVS. One of those items was a 5.5 foot tall inflatable Grim Reaper by Spooky Villiage who seem to furnish CVS with everything they get for the season. Retail price was 19.99 but it was on sale for 13.99 the 30th October last year. I didn't try to use it until I got back to Annecy and found the transformer was not even included in the box. I've been trying to find out what voltage the missing transformer would supply. Does anybody have this decoration and could they look at the transformer and tell me what the volts are? I tried one that went with a set of christmas lights but I smelled plastic melting so the 24V is too high.

We have a party on Saturday and I hope the Reaper can be amongst the guests!
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