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Halloween in an Apartment ideas???

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I just over into an apartment in Knoxville; the drive from Sevierville was getting to be to much (over 100 miles, 5 days a week, and more if I visited Family and Friends).

OK, Any ideas on decor and ETC. for an apartment.
It is a second floor, with a balcony overlooking the main door / stairwell with a half wall along the top.

I had thought of a web tunnel as you enter and using my head popper and leering Bucky's on the balcony.

Any ideas are greatly welcome. I need a little moral support right now. (enough said here).:confused:
So a few good projects could only serve to help.
Oh... and any advise on.. apartment living for us haunters... also LOL :cool:
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When I did Halloween in apartments, I'd always find someone with a house and pass out candy there because the first year in the apartment, I got ONE ToTer. And it just wasn't worth decorating for the complex Halloween contest if you didn't have a downstairs apartment (downstairs would always do their entryway and out into the common areas so everyone would see their decorations. They'd have to "look up" to see mine...)

The nice thing about balcony apartments is you can usually decorate the balcony and not have to worry about your display getting destroyed or ravaged by theft. Make a scene. Make it awesome!

If you want, put lights on the stairs going to your apartment... spiderwebs... etc. Decorate your door and have creepy things peeking out windows that face common areas.

Focusing more on decorating inside than out is another option.

... but just making the most with what you have to work with is enough to keep the holiday spirit alive!
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This is the 1st year I'm NOT in an apartment. We always focused on our stairwell the most, lots of scene setters, lights and fog machines. We shared a common entry vestibule with our downstairs neighbors and we'd leave our and the main doors open. After a while the kids on the block knew to look for us lol
Thanks for the ideas. I might try to see about working with some friends as I have 2 stroage units of stuff from doing the Civic center and the cabin I lived in.
There is a lot of stuff.
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