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Halloween Howler

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Basically its a piece of crap.
Extremely poor quality audio even when played through a boom box.
On its own it is completely unacceptable. Very low volume.
I have heard better audio from $10 stuffed animals.
btw batteries were new when I tried it.
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I was looking at these, you can't get them in the UK yet (well haven't seen them) thanks for the heads up. I won't bother buying one now.
As I read the instructions again to see why the message repeat delay for high trffict function isnt working I read this:
This Device is NOT intrinsically safe.
Do not use the device where an electrical spark might cause an explosion.

btw, it is a light sensor not motion sensor.
wow sounds like a super safe product :eek: may cause explosions hmm think this is one product worth passing
Explosion Proof Toys?????

Do you know what "Explosion Proof" means? It's likely that nothing in your home is explosion proof. It is a category of products made for use in Industrial and Firefighting environments where chemicals are present that will kill you anyway if you breath them without an SCBA so explosions will be the least of your worries.

I did the new commercials for the Halloween Howler and Audiopal and I have to say the sound quality was pretty good for an under 50.00 device. If you want CD quality, this isn't it. If you want a cool prank device, it is.

Check out the videos by searching for Halloween Howler or Audiopal on Youtube.
Ditto on the explosion-proof definition. But after looking at the Howler Pro's specs and seeing 20 secs as the max recording time I'd have to say that this device is probably very similar to the 20 sec Radio Shack recorders, and certainly no better as regards sound quality. It does have some nice features like a PIR trigger and repeat interval adjustment, but there's only so much one can do with those cheap recorder chips. The specs don't state the audio sampling rate but I'd guess it's 2-4KHz. You may be able to improve the sound quality by tweaking the input from your computer's sound card, but not by very much.
The "Pro" is no longer available and the base model has been upgraded. I don't have the Hz range specs but it is MUCH better than before. It has a line in record and line out.

It's a cool little unit. Watch the videos and let me know what you think. They're pretty funny.
Man watching the commercial I want to buy one right now. It looks like a cool little device and a neat idea, just have to have the sound quality or it's all for nothing. Like already stated, for an indoor fun little gadget, it looks like it would be ok, but outside for Halloween night with all the other noise going on and music and such, you probably would never hear this thing.
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