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Hi everyone, I'm new here, I have read through a few threads and WOW you guys have some great ideas!! I wonder if you can help me at all?
I have recently opened a bar, this will be my first Halloween here and I'm wondering what kind of games and other activities we could put on.. Leaving it late I know! I'm thinking I will do the "tempt your fate" game, for this I will charge £1 for anyone who wishes to tempt their fate, a nasty shot will be the sacrilege and a number of prizes will be up for grabs for the good fates (bottle of bubbly, nice shots, free pint, bar vouchers, sweets, etc..) I may also add some other sacrileges in too if you have any ideas?

I'm also thinking of playing some fun games for anyone who wishes to get involved we will be in 2 teams for this one they will line up behind each other and play pass the ice cube using only their mouths, a fun and interactive game I believe? Agreed not very Halloween like but fun all the same! I think I will wait until later to play this as it's more fun when drunk...

I would like to play the wink murder game, but I'm a little sceptical we can make it work well enough considering people will be turning up at different times? I suppose I could wait until there is a good crowd in before we start, I will also make sure the murderer is someone I know will staying most the night.. There is a few things I am not too sure about though, firstly someone had posted saying the murderer could fake his/her death? How could this work? So I'm guessing once you've been murdered you are out of the game? So if the murderer faked death then carries on killing people I just don't see how that can work?

Also my bar is called CuBar, so we focus on Cuban rums & Cuban cocktails, any ideas for a Cuban themed Halloween costume would be helpful.

We are putting on creepy canapés so any ideas on what we could make easily for those would also be much appreciated.
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