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Halloween Fundraising?

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Has anyone out there ever done any fundraising around Halloween? I work for a non-profit school (501 C-3) for special needs children and this year things are really tight. I was thinking about putting out a donation bucket Halloween night and giving all the proceeds to the school. Of course I will label it and provide information on the charity as well as have school staff to monitor the bucket and answer any questions. I get lots of students and former students, so some of the crowd will already be familiar with the School.

I get thousands of people every year and this would be a great exposure for the school. However, I don't want people to think they have to pay to trick or treat.

I do Halloween because I want to. So, I'm not sure about turning it into a fundraiser. I have never asked for donation or wanted them. But last year, someone put a $25 gift card to Lowes in my mailbox with a note that read "thank you for everything you do for the neighborhood on Halloween". If people want to show their gratification, I'd prefer it to go to charity.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else done this?
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Just put up a sign that thanks the anonymous donor for the Lowes card, but if anyone is feeling generously thankful this year, please contribute to the school instead (and point out the school donation is tax deductible). Leave the sign up for about a week after Halloween.
I've never done it but I know several here have done it, maybe they'll chime in.
I've never done it but it seems like most of those here who have didn't get many donations. Most of them don't get thousands of people either though.
I'd have no problem putting out a donation sign that reads 100% of the proceeds benefit the school.....Even if you only get $20, that's $20 the school currently doesn't have.....ZR
once money gets involved, the rules change....I would talk to your insurance agent first.
I'm assuming you don't want it to look as though you are charging admission. I would put a table off to the side with some information about the school, some pictures on a poster board and some flyers about the school. Having someone from the school there too to answers questions would be great too. That way if its off to the side people can feel that its their choice to take a look or not. Maybe you could leave out envelopes with the school's address printed on them so people could mail in donations at a later date?
I hope it works out and you're able to get some donations!!
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