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Halloween Forum Awards....

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This was an idea I had a few hours ago....

"Halloween Forum, a large community of members and so many that have helped others and just had a good affect on others. But how should we thank them, messages? Not really....
How about awards!
Why not thank those on the forum properly and vote for them for being a great help to others...."

This could be a yearly thing where myself and some others will have the chance to organise a vote and give out several prizes to a few members....

Prizes could be vouchers from companies, and could be accompanied by a lovely certificate....

Please give feedback on this topic and let me know whether this will be a good idea...

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I think it's a great idea.
However, I'm with meeps in that I don't think prizes are appropriate for this kind of thing.
All of us, I'm sure, freely offer help and advice out of a desire to help our fellow artists and haunters and not for any material gain.
I think a simple "Member of the Month" certificate that could be emailed to the winning member by larry would be more than reward enough for most of us..And less of a logistical nightmare for larry too..
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