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Halloween... Fall...... the things I look forward to..

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I thought I'd take a second to write out a few things that I'm looking forward to in a place where most if not all others will appreciate them, and not just think I'm a bit nutso...

The crisp scent of a cool breeze in the air
The giddiness of seeing the trees change color
The joys of walking down aisle after aisle of fall and halloween decor.
The smell of leaves burning.
The bright smile on my children's faces as we chose costumes
For that matter the bright smile on my face chosing costumes
The twinkle and glow of my halloween tree all decorated in the living room at night
The glow of orange lights and smell of the fog machine in my yard.
campfires and hayrides, haunted houses, parties, masks and treats
everyone enjoying themselves and having fun it doesn't get much better than that.

So what are the rest of you looking forward to hearing or seeing or smelling this fall?
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So it's September now. All of my favorite months end in "ber". The high here yesterday was 76 and it was tasty.
I SO love this time of the yr. It's like magic, as soon as Sept gets here! I used to live in TX- didn't quite work that way down there. It was summer til Thanksgiving. LOL! This morning is 58 degrees here in Charlotte NC. LOVE IT!

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My favorite, is the FAIR. I always hear how the state fair is a summer thing for other people, but here in my town in Arkansas, it's held every year the last week in September.

So, for every one around here, the fair is like the official kick off to fall!! I associate all things fall with the fair - the rides in the crisp air, going up high, and looking over tree tops that are starting to turn colors, caramel apples, funnel cakes and farm animals! LOL

Plus, high school football is in full swing, and we used to always go to the fair, after the Friday night game. If you had a date for it, man, life was just perfect then!

My hubby hates the fair - he gets motion sickness so he can't ride, and he hates crowds - plus our fair grounds are on a not-so-good side of town - but I insist we go every year and take the boys. It is one of my favorite memories and traditions and I want the boys to experience it too. :D In fact, my best friend lives in Phoenix now - it's so major to us, she plans her vacation around fair time, and flys home to attend with me some years!! LOL
Wow- what you described sounds a lot how life was for me in Dallas Tx. The state fair held in Dallas, the football..... really brings back memories for me!!
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