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Halloween/Fall food sightings in stores/restaurants.

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The seasonal transition has begun! I've seen candy at Walgreens, (small bags of Brach's candy corn and Autumn Mix, and chocolate pumpkins, like Reese's and Snickers. Fall beers are out, and Starbucks fall flavor a will be out soon. What have you seen?
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Pecan pie M&Ms.

Had to try them. Not a huge fan, but interesting.

walmart also had candy corn M&Ms which sounds just wrong.
My Walgreens has basically set the back part of their promo aisle to Halloween candy as they wait for the back to school stuff to clear out and the Halloween stuff to arrive. I really want a 3 Muskafears bar because the nougat is red, and I'm dying for the caramel apple Milky Ways to come back.
Ghost Peeps, Reese's Pumpkins, and various flavors of candy corn( Man, remember when there was only one candy corn flavor? You know the one, 75% beeswax 10% corn sugar, 5% "flavoring" 10% "something"), A lot of Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers at the Lowes foods i work at. Just a note here: apparently there is a Key Lime Oreo that is out now and stupidly hard to find. It's not fall/Halloween seasonal but the ONLY PACKAGE I managed to get I got in a sort of un-premeditated underhanded way. There was literally only ONE package of these things in the store and the night before a CSM had put it behind the customer service desk to get later. The next day i said something about this flavor being hard to find and the cashier said she thought there was one behind the customer service desk and did i want it? Without hesitation i said yes, thank you, I would love to have it. Since then the CSM who had "reserved" these delights has jokingly needled me about it in a playful way. She is a really great person, and in my guilt I have offered to buy her any number Oreos of whatever amount of stuffing or flavor to make up for my scooping up of her reserved Key Lime Oreos. I'm personally looking forward to the appearance of the almighty and delicious Boo Berry cereal!
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OMG, I am definitely keeping my eye out for these!!
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