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Halloween Department Store Memories- with pictures

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Hi all. Since this is my first post I figured I'd make it a good one.

During the 1980's, when I was about 5 or 6 years old my parents used to take my brother and I to see the Halloween and Christmas displays at the local malls. K-Mart used to put up some fun displays but I vividly remember Boscov's Department Store being the king of the holiday store displays, especially with their merchandise.

They are part of the reason why I love Telco Motion-Ettes, which is what this post is about. During my college years I worked for the company and I was able to speak to someone who knew the visual director during the 1980's. They told me that for a few years the store hosted a storewide competition and whoever put together the best Motion-Ette store display won. This person was gracious and kind enough to locate some old photos for me of their first display, which is like a walk down memory lane and something that I'm sure many of you will love.

I vividly remember them putting together a display one year that was of a huge haunted castle and there must have been every motion-ette made up until that point. The devil and a witch looking in her crystal ball peered out some of the windows, the phantom of the opera was in another space. Outside there was a graveyard and the more traditional characters hung out for all to see. If I am ever fortunate to see pictures of that display again, I will certainly share them. But for now, here are some pictures from a Halloween display by Boscov's, from around 1986-87 sure to take you back to a happier time. Enjoy :D

P.S What is your favorite department store memory?


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I don't have any pictures, but a few years back ...Menards used to do a pretty neat display with their Halloween merchandise. They made tunnels out of tarps and displayed the items in them.
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