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I've been looking for catalogs with Halloween merchandise. So far I've gotten copies of the seasonal Oriental Trading and Grandin Road catalogs. I also stumbled across HalloweenFX which provides a free catalog. Any other suggestions?
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I like Fright Catalog, however, the last time I dealt with them, you had to sign up to be a member, and they sent you a little kit with a high quality (but very lacking) catalog, a DVD with black & white monster movies, and I believe a couple other small items. Should you sign up and decide you don't want to continue the membership, you can just cancel it, no charge. Again, this was when I dealt with them, which was a couple years ago.
I love to get the Pottery Barn catalog showcasing their Halloween collection. Mine hasn't been delivered yet, but I'm guessing it should come out soon.

The catalog isn't entirely Halloween merchandise, and their prices are crazy high, but I really like to see how they decorate. I get lots of ideas from it. You can often find "Pottery Barn Knockoff" instructions and ideas on Pinterest if you see something you like.
I think the HF community could come up with a super awesome catalog of their own - people here are wicked talented and creative. :)
Dennison's Bogie Book...they are responsible for commercializing Halloween...sometimes on ebay...issued 1909 through 1934

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