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Here is a quick idea for munchies I am doing for the big night. Each year my wife and I do a quick grab and eat buffet table to keep us feed all night. you see we dress in costume to meet the Trick or Treater's on our front porch and in our yard haunt. No time for real cooking (bless the crock pot! ) With other yummy s we are doing pizza roll ups. Go to your local "Little Caesars" and get a few "hot - n- ready" pizzas. Ask them to slice each slice in two making a narrow slice. When you get it home roll each slice up from the tip to the crust and secure with a toothpick. lay em out on a tray with a sauce....and munch away! Or place them in a crock pot and use foil between each layer. Cheap, fun and yummy!!!!!! We grab and eat and Trick or Treat the night away!!!! :D:D:D
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