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A couple days ago I get a message on FB that went a little something like this....."Hey do ya want a free airplane?" So of course I responded with "Hell Yes!" Now I'm the proud owner of a Fisher 303 ultralight. :) It's approx 75% complete needing the skin, motor and gauges. Came with all the plans and the material to wrap the plane. Eventually I'd like to see it to completion so I can learn to fly this bad boy. :) But this year I thought I'd include it's skeletal remains in the haunt. I have a huge maple tree in my front yard and plan on hanging the 150lbs airplane. I've considered doing a plane crash (to go hand in hand with my train crash) but either way I'm looking for ideas to help creep out this plane. I think a big foam screaming face is in order for the front of the plane, but looking for more ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




thx for the help.
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