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I found a website where you can upload your own pictures and have them made in to a children's board book (the kind with the hard pages), and I want to make a Halloween ABC book for my daughter. I started coming up with a list, but I'd love the input from the creative people of this forum! The orange letters I have already decided on. The white letters are where I'm stumped or open to suggestions. Thanks everyone!

A: Autumn
B: Bat
C: Cemetery
D: Darkness
F: Frankenstein
G: Ghost
H: Haunted House

I: Ichabod Crane
J: Jack-O'-Lantern
L: Laboratory
M: Monster
O: Owl
P: Pumpkin Patch
R: Reaper
S: Skeletons
T: Trick-or-Treat

V: Vampire
W: Witches

Z: Zombie

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Hmm... I don't know how old your daughter is, but what about A for Arachnid? Or E for Extra-Terrestrial? P for Pumpkin Patch (as opposed to a carved JOL)? What about D for Dress Up in Costumes? Y could be for Yummy Candy - ha ha! If you are open to using a concept instead of an actual item, you could use I for Imagination. Another option is to have multiple pictures for some letters - like C can be for Cemetery and Candy Corn, S can be for Skeletons & Scarecrows, etc.

Sounds like a fun project!

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A: Autumn, Ax, Apparition, Afterlife, Afraid
D: Demon, Devil, Djinn, Darkness, Disguise
E: Elephant Man, Eyes, Evil, Eerie, Elf
I: Imp, Insane
K: Killer, Karloff
L: Lycan, Lynching, Lich, Lantern
N: Noose, Nightmare
P: Phantom, Poltergeist, Pumpkin, Potion
Q: Queen
U: Undine, Umbra, Undead
X: X-Ray
Y: Yeti, Ymir

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A is for Apparition,
B is for Banshee,
C is for Cat, black as can be.

D is for Devil,
E is for Evil,
F is for Frights, as scary as can be.

G is for Ghost,
H is for Hairy (think the redheaded monster from Bugs Bunny),
I is for Imp, as twisted as can be.

J is for Jekyll
K is from Krampus
L is for Lycanthrope, howling loud as can be.

M is for Monster
N is for Nightmare
O is for Owl, hooting everywhere is can be.

P is for Pumpkin
Q is for Quiet
R is for Reaper, collecting souls as quick as can be.

S is for Screams
T is for Terror
U is for Undead, shambling as slow as can be.

V is for Vampire
W is for Witch
X is for Xenomorph (think Giger's Aliens), as nightmarish as can be.

Y is for Yeti
Z is for Zombie
Now you know Halloween's Freaky ABCs.

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M is for Moon
N is for Night
C is for Costume
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