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Halloween '15 - or the year that almost wasn't.

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What a Halloween.

A week ago today, my basement flooded. I had been slow decorating this year because I've been so busy and was planning on doing it last weekend. I went down into the basement and found out a drain clogged and flooded the whole thing. Had probably been like it for a few days without even knowing. It was a mess. The water wasn't deep (less than an inch) but it covered pretty much all the basement - including the area where I kept my decorations.

A great deal were ruined because, nastily, it was a waste line that actually clogged. Bad, bad stuff that needed a lot of major cleanup.

They actually came out this week, emptied the basement, pumped out the water, cleaned up the hazard and stored what was salvageable in a trailer pod in my driveway. Because it rained at the end of last week, they couldn't get it all taken care of and left the pod sitting there this whole weekend. It made the decorations that were not ruined difficult to get out.

I nearly canceled. I was so drained from the flood.

But I decided to tough it out, especially since I had already invested money in new props earlier in the month. So, after work last night I went and bought a wheelchair off some dude for my set up and decided to spend all Saturday putting everything up. It was tough...but I got it done. I didn't get everything out, as I decided to leave my Jason Voorhees inside and I had a 7-foot-plus pumpkin stalker dude that is just killer that I didn't put out (along with the Pestilence reaper that was ruined by the flood) ... but I got most of it done.

Halfway through, though, I realized all my gravestones were ruined in the flood, too, so I had to run over to the Halloween store and buy new ones...which, on Halloween day, left little to pick from. That sucked.

I did get it done, though. I tried to create an asylum theme on my porch, which I think turned out well with such little time.

The ToTs loved it.

What a workout, though!

Anyway, here's some pics...

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Great looking display.. hopefully 2016 brings you better luck. I know how you feel. I took on way to much this year plus a new job this week and work has been chaotic so when I got home I've had to work flat out into the wee hours. A few days ago... even yesterday was going to pull the plug. But decided my plans weren't going to happen. Like my wife said there's only me that knows what I haven't done. In the end I think the parents loved it more than the TOTs. Thought we'd get more but I think Saturday was party night for most houses.
Wow, one would never have know that you did all that within less than 24 hours! It looks great! So sorry about your basement woes. Hope the cleanup goes quickly and you can start working on 2016!!
Wow, your set up looked fantastic! Hope it was a fun night, and your basement gets dried out soon. Is it anything that would be covered by homeowners insurance?
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