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Halloooo..I'm new!!

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Hi all...I am new here to this wonderful world of Halloween. I must say I am super excited about it too. I have loved Halloween since I vas a small child...now I am a mom of three. I am proudlly passing the torch on to my three children!! They love this holiday as well....I started them early...they are 9, 7 and 3. My Eldest daughter(9) is so ok with gore and 'gross' things she makes my heart sing! She wants to know how all the props on tv are made...my heart warms at the thought! I'm being very silly but it is true that they are as into it as mom is for sure...we are getting geared up for another season. Hubby isn't into it...so we just do our own thing. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Had a party for the school kids last year and they are asking for info on this years...pleading little faces, how can I say no? LOL!! So off I have been buying ground breaker hands and packs of bugs for the mad lab..it was so underdone last year. Anyways this is me...crazy mom...livin in Saskatchewan. My name is Christina and I hope to get to know a bunch of you and glean some wonderful Ideas from all of you!! Thanks!!
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Welcome to the forum! :D
Thanks so much Frankie's Girl..looking forward to learning lots of cool new ideas!!
Hey Christina, your life sounds like my life...lol

I also have 3 children, ages 9, 6, and soon to be 3 (Nov1), I'm a big halloween gal but hubby not so much. He doesn't go against me he just doesn't join in on the fun. Too bad you weren't closer...lol :p

Welcome to the forum...trust me you will love it here!! :D
Welcome Christina and may all of your haunts be miserable....er.....happy ones!!

P.S. Good luck converting your hubby..........mwah ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa.......
Hello Christina nice to meet you and a very warm welcome to you. You will find tons of ideas and halloween spirit here.
Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

Wow everyone!! Thank-you for such a great welcome!! You guys are great!!...gushes... Am still working on the 'Static' husband!!LOL! We'll see what we can do bout him!! Got the kids to keep me strong! We celebrated today!! October 1st...like a month of birthdays for us! Yay!!
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