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I registered a few months back but I haven't had time to really dig into this amazing community until now! I'm very excited to be a part of it.

I am opening an online Spook Shop & Halloween Emporium, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote that or not so I'll wait for clarification on that point.

I really love Halloween, it's my favorite Holiday, I celebrate 365 and decorate from October to the New Year. :)

Can't wait to talk to and get to know all of you!
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As a merchant you can post in the merchant areas about your store. Just prior to promoting your store, make sure to read the rules that you when you enter most sections. Thanks for the concern.
welcome aboard
hello Doryenc, welcome to the forum , good to have your here
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! ^_^

I have dark themed blog up that I haven't updated in a while, nevertheless there are some cool things on it if anyone'd like to check it out. Strangelydark.blogspot.com! >=)
You'll find Halloween being celebrated 24/7 here as well, so you should feel right at home!

Welcome to the forum.

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