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Hi, college student and lifelong lover of Halloween here. With autumn so clearly in the air I have felt inspired to join this forum...can't wait to meet the rest of you. :)

This year our yard haunt will be the most extravagant yet (though this is not saying much, as we have always leaned toward the more old-fashioned decorative flare with your standard web, jackos, and a flat glowing skeleton that's older than I am). It is as well our first time hand-making props...tombstones, tall mossy trees fashioned out of cardboard (yes, we got tha idea from Spirit...seems fun!), scarecrows and a life-sized zombified equine demon I have been working on who is nearly ready for the papier mache. Her name is Mary. We're also experimenting with lighting and fog machines/dry ice for the first time!

It is all absurdly exciting.

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