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I have been looking for a post from several years ago that is a new twist on the old body parts table. I searched to no avail, but just ran across a file that I had saved. Alas no photos of the presentation, but I do have the idea.

This was posted by someone here several years ago--wish I could give them the credit...

There was a huge sign:

Hal O' Ween

Once there lived a man named Hal O' Ween.
T'was years ago on this very night...
That he was murdered out of spite.
They say these are his remains.

Feel his brain, which now feels no pain.
Feel of his eyes, still swollen with surprise.
Feel his heart. Be careful lest it start!

Now we have his hair, which once was so fair!
Feel his rotten teeth, which are now buried six feet deep.
One hand all alone, just rotting flesh and bone.

Feel of his ear. Nevermore will he hear!
This is his nose. Now to never smell a ros.
These worms are all that's left to feel...
For them Hal O' Ween was a lovely meal.

Then they had various body parts displayed for people to touch and feel. Ideas of items to use? Can include more body parts than the poem includes plus his dingle dong--which I think that I will use one of the longer Slim Jims

Eyes--peeled grapes
Rotten teeth, deer corn???
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