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I got my other half to drive me to the next town over today, to the Whitewater shopping center, to pop into the Art & Hobby shop in there. I wanted to get a rough guide for expenses for things like clay, latex, sculpting tools, plaster of paris etc. and one of the girls working there remembered me from when I used to live over a coffee shop that she worked in. She told me that since I would be buying a lot of supplies in there that we could work out some sort of discount on the price.
I'm to send in a list of things I want to bulk buy and she'll see what she can do for me!
I was really surprised since I haven't lived in that apartment in four years and hardly ever frequented the coffee shop that she actually remembered me. I've changed a lot in the last four years...I now wear glasses and have black hair as opposed to no glasses and platinum blonde hair.
I must have made some sort of lasting impression on her, I guess...and lucky for me that I did!!
I'm well pleased!
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